Agreement of Bregenz

It took several years of negotiation to reach a Lake Constance fishery management plan. On July 5th, 1893, the Agreement of Bregenz concerning common fishery regulations for the Lake Constance Fishery was enacted. The preamble says: “The government of Austria, Baden, Bavaria, Liechtenstein Switzerland and W├╝rttemberg have agreed on common fishery regulations to protect and breed the valuable fish species of Lake Constance”. The “Bodensee-Obersee” (including the “├ťberlinger See”) to the Rhine bridge in Constance was defined as the area of application. The specifications agreed on include fishing gear, such as mesh size, fishing methods, and fishing season. The aims of the agreement were to establish the management of a sustainable fishery and conserve species. Every contracting state appoints one or more commissioners, who meet regularly to discuss whether fisheries regulations should be modified. The function of the commissioners is documented in the internal rules of procedure. Every contracting state is permitted to resign from the agreement with a one-year notice period. So far, this option has not been utilized, and the agreement is still valid.

Agreement of Bregenz 1893

Agreement of Bregenz 1893 – handwritten