Catch statistics of Lake Constance Fishery

Professional fishermen caught a total of 295,1 tons of fish in 2020 (6.3 kg/ha). This was an 41.7 % increase compared to the all-time-low in the previous year. The whitefish yield was 189.4 tons, and the perch yield was 32.3 tons, which was 58.3% reduction compared to the previous year.  An improvement in the poor economic situation of the professional fishery could be achieved after the implementation of the approved patent reduction by 2020.

In the year under review, recreational fishery achieved a catch result of 49.8 tons, which was 3.2 tons more than the previous year. A total of 13,800 fishing permits were issued, which is an increase of 627 permits from the year before.

Overall Report for the year 2020